Freak Da Bass - Mirakuru + Nick Behrmann Remix

Release Date: OUT NOW

Catalogue: BXR020



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BXR020: Mirakuru (Freak Da Bass & Nick Behrmann)

BXR019: Power Surge EP (A-DUFF)

BXR018: Dyllex (Isolate)

BXR017: Serious Sound (Roboteknic)

BXR016: Pumped Up Funk (B-Phreak)

BXR015: Film Sexy (Lusion)

BXR014: Global Warning (Blacklist & Dirt Revolver)

BXR013: Flashpoint (A:B:S)

BXR012: Nyota - The Remixes (Phase Animator)

BXR011: Nyota (Phase Animator)

BXR010: Mach Infinity EP (Phase Animator)

BXR009: Skintillator (Growler)

BXR008: Marian (Kostas G)

BXR007: The Thumper EP (Phase Animator)

BXR006: Head Stereo (Growler)

BXR005: Less Sedate (Phase Animator)

BXR004: Quark Jet (Growler)

BXR003: The Tonnage EP (Growler)

BXR002: Roborock (Growler)

BXR001: Gnome (Deep Dive and Growler)


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